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Copy-editing and proofreading at Editly focuses on correct grammar, punctuation, and usage, as well as on coherency and consistency of language and structure. Editly editors will always rectify incorrect grammar, usage, and idioms. To ensure internal logic, they will sometimes consolidate sentences or reorder them. However, any large-scale reorganizations will require the rewrite service.

Please note that Editly editors do not fact check or conduct research, and they do not produce original writing or copy writing.

Rewriting involves more substantive editing, meaning that Editly editors will significantly reword and reorganize content, wherever necessary. This service should be selected when your document needs extensive rewording, reformatting, or restyling. In addition, the rewrite service should be selected when a document needs to be edited down to fit a specific word count. When requesting a rewrite, please leave us a specific message about your requirements.

Please note that Editly editors do not fact check or conduct research, and they do not produce original writing or copy writing.

Yes, our human editors are experts in humanizing AI text. To ensure the best possible service, please make sure to inform us that your text is AI-generated (either in full or part) by selecting the option "This text was generated by AI. Help me make it sound more human" before placing your order.

There is no minimum word count for the QuickCheck service. For all other editing services, the minimum word count is 250 words.

You can upload your documents in the following formats: Word (.doc, .docx), PDF, Open Office (.odt, .ods, .odp), Powerpoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Text (.txt), and Rich Text (.rtf).

The estimated delivery time is the approximate duration for the full editing process. The actual editing time can be shorter or longer depending upon the editors available at the time of submission and the quality of the text.

Please note that the estimated delivery time is not a guaranteed delivery time.

Yes, to directly request an editor for your job, sign in with your account. Then, go to your dashboard and click on “Submit New Order.” From this page, you will be able to select the editor of your choice—or, by selecting "Any," send it to the queue for any editor to claim.

You can contact the editor of your document via the chat option in your account dashboard.

While word counts rarely vary across word processors and the difference is almost always minimal, it can happen. In cases where the variance is > 3%, in either direction, we will contact you to resolve the issue—and we encourage you to do the same.

Yes, user and organizational accounts can purchase Editly Credit to use for all of our editing and rewriting services. For the bonuses available for Editly Credit, please sign in and visit the “Credit” tab in your user dashboard.

Yes, you can receive bonus credits for editing services by purchasing Editly Credit from your user dashboard. Please sign in and click on the “Credit” tab for more details about the bonuses available for Editly Credit. We also offer discounts for larger works and bulk orders. For more information, please contact

No, Editly Credit never expires.

Yes, all of our editors treat your information with the strictest confidentiality, guaranteed by our NDA. In addition, all your files are secured—from start to finish—with AES 256-bit encryption.

No, both research and copywriting fall outside the scope of our services.

No, plagiarism checks are not offered as part of our services.

Editly fully guarantees its work. If you are not satisfied with the original edit, you can request three free re-edits from our editors. If you are still not satisfied, refunds are available after a thorough review of the work done by our lead editor.

Yes, you automatically receive a receipt for any submitted job through our payment processor.


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